The Fair Carbon Exchange
Our mission is to fund the switch to natural farming and forestry practices globally that will avert the climate crisis by sequestering carbon.

Our vision is a vibrant, balanced
planet Earth with a stable climate, happy and healthy communities, abundant, non-toxic food and pure water along with a high happiness index. All this based on global agriculture that is in fully in tune with nature and with the unique culture of each community.

The Fair Carbon Exchange was formed after repeated research showed that more carbon could be sequestered planet wide through science based, biological farming than is produced by all industrial and agricultural activities.
Click here to see the Rodale Institute White Paper on reversing the climate crisis through farming.

Please Click Here if you want to read about soil sequestration of carbon.

**Our Unique and Simple Validation Process

Rather than spend the valuable carbon offset funds that have been dedicated to reversing the climate crisis on complex and bureaucratic validation services, the Fair Carbon Exchange has developed a direct verification protocol that allows each carbon offset purchaser to verify the application of their funds to a specific contract or group of contracts with farmers or forestry project managers. This validation process includes third party verification of the carbon sequestered as well as visibility of the number of offsets applied to each farm or forest project. Since the carbon levels in the soil are scientifically measured each year it will be possible to see exactly how your purchase of Carbon Offsets resulted in the sequestration of carbon in the soil.