Why We Need to Act Now to Reverse Climate Change

  • Scientists admit that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will not be enough
  • Their best projections of reduced emissions still show that dangerously high temperatures are inevitable unless.....
  • We remove huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere relatively fast

Help us to sequester tons of carbon in the soil and reverse climate change
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A Solution that Works for Everyone

There is a cost effective way to remove huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere
This is a natural method of farming that takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and locks it in the soil
It also increase yields while producing nutritious, non-toxic food
at lower costs
Because it builds good soil it reduces water use, erosion
and the risk of flooding
This program is a proven, scientific, ecological farming method that
farmers can learn quickly and easily
We have the knowledge and training programs for this, but we
must act soon

Join the "Fair Carbon" revolution
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Whatever your interest in Reversing Climate Change you can help now with 'Carbon Offsets'.
  • Most Carbon Offsets are used to reduce future Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Which will not reverse climate change - only keep it from worsening
  • In order to stabilize our climate we need to do much more
  • We need to remove Greenhouse Gas from the atmosphere
  • If all farming was Biological we could reverse Climate Change
  • Global Biological Farming will sequester more carbon than we create
Your 'Carbon Offsets' will help to avert the Climate Crisis

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